Tables at the paranormal expo

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – In true spooky spirit, organizers put on a paranormal expo in Morgantown on Saturday.  

Once a year, Les O’Dell and his wife put on the expo for people who enjoy paranormal experiences to come out and get together. 

This year tables included craft sales, paranormal books, paranormal investigating teams, tarot card readings and more. Guest speakers shared stories about UFO’s, vampires, Bigfoot, psychic abilities and more. The event was free for anyone who wanted to join.  

Craft at paranormal expo

O’Dell said it’s nice when you get like mined people together.  

“They can share their stories or talk subjects with somebody that has the same interests,” O’Dell said. “Whether everybody believes the same thing… there a folks here that believe in big foot that don’t believe in ghost and they don’t believe in UFO’s and you know, vice versa but you know it’s nice for people to get together and have some place to come and share their stories and talk to people.” 

Odell’s West Virginia Cryptids table

O’Dell runs a Facebook page called “WV Cryptids and Strange Encounters.” There he encourages anyone to share stories about about Bigfoot encounters, ghosts, UFO sightings, or anything strange that people experienced in West Virginia.

The next paranormal expo will be October 8, 2022.