ALBRIGHT, W.Va. – Friends of the Cheat hosted an open house Tuesday to discuss with residents about the removal of the Albright Dam Removal Project.

The meeting was held at the Albright United Methodist Church where multiple information booths were set up. The information gave details about fisheries, recreation, flooding, and general project information about the proposed dam removal process.

Friends of the Cheat have studied what the removal processes of the dam would be like at the decommissioned Albright Power Plant.

“Removing the dam for us as a conservation organization is the logical next step in bringing this river back, right, restoring natural flow and natural habitat. So, as part of our study process and information gathering, this is a facility and a property that is really important to the Town of Albright,” said Amanda Pitzer, executive director of Friends of the Cheat.

Friends of the Cheat said they are gathering input from the residents and speaking with them to see what they want as part of the dam removal and hear any concerns they may have.

“The dam is not a flow control dam. So, it actually doesn’t hold back any water but it is there to create a pool which was used to feed the cooling towers to the power plant,” Pitzer said. “So, the dam itself serves no purpose right now, it’s just in the way. And removing the dam would reconnect over 75 miles of the Cheat River, so for fishing, for paddling, but on top of that we’re really seeing the Cheat River Valley and this area be a prime candidate for growth in outdoor tourism.”

Officials with the Friends of the Cheat stated that the removal would bring hope and opportunity to the community of Albright and surrounding communities as well.