MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Two organizations teamed up to help prepare kids to go back to school. 

Tuesday, CASA for Kids and Northwestern Mutual of Morgantown gave out personalized backpacks to kids in Monongalia and Preston counties. The kids were all ages 12 and up and in foster care or out-of-home care.  

“This was, this is absolutely the best organization in Morgantown and Mon and Preston counties to be able to deliver to the kids that really need it,” Fredrick Bruni, managing director of Northwestern Mutual of Morgantown said. 

All 27 kids were able to get school supplies, a pair of shoes and a hoodie with a backpack in their favorite color.  

“The kids a lot of times when they come into the system, they don’t have anything,” Crissi Christy, executive director of CASA for kids of Monongalia and Preston Counties said. “There’s nothing that they can bring with them so it’s really cool that they have this personalized item that they can take with them that’s theirs and it’s something that they picked out that they can just take with them wherever they go.”  

Representatives from CASA for Kids and Northwestern Mutual of Morgantown

This is the fourth year Northwestern Mutual has donated backpacks filled with supplies to CASA.