MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Small, local cemetery owners came together at Oak Grove cemetery this weekend to learn how to restore old graves and monuments. The weekend-long workshop was set up by the Preservation Association of West Virginia.

In the workshop, cemetery workers learned tricks and tips on how to properly clean and restore tombstones that were over 100 years old. They spent the weekend working together on a few monuments, taking home lots of tips to bring back to their cemeteries.

Like many of the cemeteries that’s owners came to the workshop, Oak Grove is a non-profit cemetery. Most of the graves were put there well before any of the current workers were born. However, workers found it even more important to stick around and help restore the history that laid there.

“There isn’t anybody left to take care of those unless we who are living now give a nod to our history and come and just do an hour of labor,” said Janet Devault, who works for Monument Cleaning & Repair.

Monument Cleaning & Repair is the company that owns Oak Grove cemetery. It is looking for volunteers to help restore more parts of the cemetery every Saturday morning. More information can be on its Facebook page by clicking here.