TERRA ALTA, W.Va. – A church in Terra Alta etched its way into history on July 17.

The First United Methodist Church unveiled a new plaque in front of the church. The plaque isn’t just an ordinary one, it is one that states that the church has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior.

“It is quite an honor and it means a lot to the community and it talks a lot about the resilience of the people here in Terra Alta and the faithfulness and dedication of Christians, ancestors and forefathers,” Pastor Michael Lantz said.

First United Methodist Church (WBOY – Image)

Church members said that this process to get honored wasn’t an easy one and that they couldn’t have done it alone. Students and professors from WVU came to aid the church in its search for historical items that could classify the church for this honor.

After the church’s service, the members had a little celebration for receiving the distinction.