MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Public Service Commission of West Virginia is increasing commercial vehicle inspections for the annual International Roadcheck three-day event. 

Truck being inspected (WBOY Image)

The officers conduct a level one, 37-step inspection on every commercial vehicle that comes into West Virginia through the Cooper’s Rock exit on I-68 and the Hurricane exit on I-64. This year the inspectors will focus on wheel ends which are critical to vehicle stability, control and breaking. 

The goal of the inspections is to enforce vehicle and driver compliance nationwide and to make West Virginia Highways safe.  

“Ultimately, we just want to make West Virginia roadways safer by taking unsafe drivers and vehicles off the roadway,” WV Public Service Commission Sergeant Matthew Epling said.  

Even though the hour-long inspections take drivers off the road, officers said most of them like it.  

WV Public Service Commission (WBOY Image)

“They don’t want to drive an unsafe truck for the vast majority of them, and they don’t want to be at fault in some type of accident. So, most of them is accepting, but yes, you do run into some that don’t like to be held up they have deadlines and things to meet as well, but typically, were don’t within an hour provided, they don’t have any out of service violations and they’ll be going on down the roadway,” Epling said.  

If something doesn’t pass inspection, the commercial vehicle will remain out of service until that part is fixed. The road checks will continue nationwide until Thursday, May 19 at midnight.