CRANESVILLE, W.Va. – The Nature Conservancy held it’s Red Spruce Tree Planting event at the Cranesville Swamp Preserve on Earth Day.

This year is the twentieth anniversary since they started planting Red Spruce trees at the Cranesville Swamp in 2002.

The organizer said they had over 100 people signed up for the event and this was the most they have ever had sign-up, and even had Boy Scout Troop 1780 from Waldorf, Maryland in attendance.

“At the turn of the last century, so around late 1800’s early 1900’s [Red Spruce trees] were drastically logged, so that not only did they remove all the Red Spruce, but they didn’t leave any seed trees so there has been very little regeneration, so now we are working hard to bring back these native conifers” said Deborah Landau Director of Ecological Management with The Nature Conservancy.

The Nature Conservancy will plant 4,000 Red Spruce trees around the Cranesville Swamp Preserve this weekend.

The Cranesville Swamp is open to the public featuring five hiking trails and a 1,500 foot boardwalk, it is located in Preston County and is split halfway between the West Virginia and Maryland border.

“One thing that’s so cool about the Cranesville Swamp it’s what we call a frost pocket, it’s this low wet area that traps the cold air, so you find things here that you might find in Canada or Alaska it’s a Boreal swamp,” said Landau.

If you happened to miss today’s event, the organizers welcome anyone to come out tomorrow and help finish planting the Red Spruce trees around the Cranesville Swamp.

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