EGLON, W.Va. (WBOY) — Many gathered in Preston County Sunday as a new addition was dedicated to the “Littlest Church” with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Our Lady of the Pines is a year-round tourist attraction and local favorite within the town of Eglon. The facility’s board of directors decided last spring that a visitor center was needed to accommodate around 45-50,000 people a year.

Pat Nichols, president of the board, said “It will help the visitors when they come here. We have bathrooms now, uh, and it’s just an extension of the whole project that, that we wanted to make the whole facility become more friendly. We are very proud that, uh, we made it before it snows here. Um, we, we had to get the contractor, and like all projects we had our punch list last week getting it done. We wanted to get the dedication done before, before the snow flies up here.”

Members of the board are encouraging people to come visit the church and see the new addition for themselves.