PRESTON COUNTY, W.Va. – Preston County held its history day all throughout the county on July 17. Six different sites held free tours with volunteers talking about the history with the sites and in the county.

“We’re very thankful for volunteers all over the county working hard to preserve what is great about their local history and keeping it very much vibrant and part of today and tomorrow,” Preston County History Day volunteer, Deb Miller, said.

The event is usually held on the third Sunday of each month.

Some topics discussed at each location:

Arthurdale Heritage – Eleanor Roosevelt’s inclusion in the development of the town and well as more background about it as a homestead project stemming from the New Deal.

The McGrew House – Understanding the accomplishments of James McGrew, who helped make West Virginia a state.

Tunnelton Train Depot – learning about the 109-year old railroad as well as showing railroad life and commerce during the 20th century.

Aurora Area Historical Society Museum – showing its lure in being a summer resort destination.

The Szilagyi Center in Rowlesburg – the Civil War and World War II history to the town.

The Historical House Museum – connecting people to various objects from the past as well as tracing family linages.