ARTHURDALE, W.Va. – Arthurdale Heritage held it’s fourth Goat Yoga class of the year on Sunday. The event had 20 people doing yoga with 10 goats inside the Historic Center Hall.

Goat Yoga can be a fun way to do yoga and it can add a bit of resistance with weight training to traditional exercises.

“It’s great fun we use the goats for a lot of our tourism activities,” said David Huxtable, Arthurdale Heritage Volunteer. “But people enjoy being with the goats and interacting with them. We have one more class this year.”

Arthurdale Heritage holds up to five Goat Yoga events throughout the year and the organizers say the classes fill up fast, so you have to make sure you register early on their website.

If you missed the Goat Yoga event and want to have fun with the goats, on June 11th, the Arthurdale Heritage will be holding it’s Goat Gallop Annual 5k Fundraiser.

Not only that, but the New Deal Festival will be on the second Saturday in July in Arthurdale, W.Va.

For more information on Goat Yoga or the Arthurdale Heritage Museum, click here for the website.

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To find out more and to sign up for the Goat Gallop 5k, click here.