Marion Co. Family Resource Network creates COVID-19 brochure to help residents find resources

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Brochures on display at MCFRN office

FAIRMONT, W.Va. – The Marion Co. Family Resource Network (MCFRN) has created a brochure to serve as a resource guide for county residents trying to navigate the complexities of COVID-19.

The brochures include the contact information for counseling, legal and employment services, as well as resources for directly dealing with the virus. Frank Jarman, executive director of MCFRN, said the nonprofit came up with the idea after it was contacted by the state asking for information on COVID-19 resources and realized it could create its own resource guide.

“But our focus is keeping children safe and families healthy in Marion Co.,” Jarmans said. “To be able to put together a brochure that would put literally all the information that they need, whether they need testing or they need the vaccine or even the local doctors’ information.”

The brochures can be picked up from MCFRN’s office, found on its Facebook page, or be mailed to people’s homes.

COVID-19 brings along with it many problems, Jarman said, including creating food insecurities all across the county. That is why creating a one-stop resource guide was so crucial.

Jarman said he has been aware of the pain inflicted on the community by COVID-19, but recently he got to see the true impact up close. The executive director said he saw the struggles families face at a backpack giveaway.

“We had so many people saying ‘thank you, I didn’t know how I was going to supply paper for my kids so they can get their work done whether it’s in-person or remote’,” Jarman said. “People are hurting, whether they lost their jobs, whether they are losing benefits. This COVID-19 has been crucial in terms of hurting people in Marion. Co. and honestly, if we can do anything to help including putting something in their hands and say ‘you need food, this is where to go get it’.”

He continued.

“The other thing is, and I hate to say this, we’ve seen substance abuse peak. We’ve seen the deaths related to substance abuse rise and we want to get people help and this is just one more way that we can do it.”

The brochure also includes resources for those struggling with substance abuse.

Jarman said MCFRN is happy to help and will keep working to provide whatever assistance it can to residents of the county.

In fact, MCFRN is working closely with other nonprofits and even the county health department because Jarman said it’s a winning strategy for combating COVID. He said it’s especially important to make the health department’s job easier, so MCFRN jumped at the first opportunity it got to help.

MCFRN’s office located at 305 Washington St.

“Because a lot of times, they get a lot of calls and they will ask us ‘is there any way you can get information out’,” Jarman said. “And this — I mean it will get information in people’s hands and hopefully it will help.”

MCFN contact information:

You can visit the organization’s website or Facebook page to learn more.

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