MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Monongahela Conservation District held a meeting on Tuesday evening for residents in Monongalia, Marion and Preston counties.

The meeting planned to focus on how to handle extreme weather changes, and how the Conservation District can help people in a time of increasing inflation.

Officials with the Monongahela Water District stressed that the meeting wasn’t just for farmers, but for anyone wanting to learn more about agriculture, as their meetings could help people and the backyard gardens.

“We’re really ticked that people signed on to some of the local things. We do a rain barrel program. We’ve done small pollinator patch programs. It’s good to get people involved, and it’s good to learn from people, as well as share what we’ve learned with people. So, we like it,” said Richard Abel, one of six supervisors for the Monongahela Conservation District.

If you missed the meeting, you can see what other programs the Conservation District is holding on their website here. You can also call the office at 304-296-0081.