MONONGALIA & PRESTON COUNTY, W.Va. (WBOY) – Some Monongalia and Preston County schools had their first day back on Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Kindergarten through 12th graders started in Monongalia County, and pre-K will start on Aug. 24.
Grades fifth, eighth, 11th and 12th started in Preston County and second, fourth, seventh and 10th will start Aug. 24. First, third, sixth, and ninth grades will start on Aug. 25 for Preston.

Monongalia County Schools’ theme will be accountability as they enter the fall. Eddie Campbell, Monongalia County Superintendent, feels they did a good job bringing students back and acclimating them to school last year, but he wants to turn the notch up again this year. They want to hold everyone accountable for the teaching and learning going on through the year, including students, parents and teachers, to achieve “academic excellence.”

Campbell started the first day back at Brookhaven Elementary, where he helped them kickstart their day. He said he enjoyed watching the kids get off the buses and being dropped off by parents in their new outfits and hairstyles. He said, “it’s, it’s just really refreshing to see everybody get back. And, I think especially this year, for as much as we’ve gone through the last two and a half to three years, to come in the way we did with really no cloud hanging over top of us, I think was really refreshing for everyone involved.”

Tucker and Harrison counties, first through 12th grades, also returned to school on Aug. 23.