Morgantown Police Chief gives safety tips to students returning to WVU

Monongalia and Preston

Students are back on campus at West Virginia University, and the Morgantown Chief of Police has some tips on how to prevent becoming a victim of crime. 

Students moving in often have many expensive items, so it’s important to keep them safe

“Don’t leave your valuables in plain view in your car. Don’t leave them in an unlocked car,” said Chief Ed Preston of the Morgantown Police Department. “The MacBook Pros, the computers, the GPS’s.  All of those types of things cost a lot of money, and they’re left out unsecured, unattended, and they can get stolen quite easily because they’re easily obtained.  You know, open a car door, take it, smash a car window, take it, all of those kind of things,” said Preston. 

It’s recommended that you write down serial numbers and all electronic I.D. numbers on items, so if stolen and recovered, they can be identified. 

“Don’t store them in the actual device.  Like, don’t leave the serial number to your computer, in your computer.  Save all of it to a flash drive.  All of your serial numbers to a flash drive, and give it to somebody else.  Somebody who you trust,” said Preston. 

Some other safety tips include protecting bicycles, motorcycles, and other similar vehicles with a secure lock.  Vehicles should be parked in well-lit areas or a parking garage when attending events.  Travel in groups when possible, and avoid texting when walking…so that you are aware of your surroundings.

“We have so many instances of people stepping off of curbs, twisting their ankles, falling down, tripping over flowerpots, or tree pits all over town, but also walking out into traffic,” said Preston. 
When students return to campus, there is a large increase in pedestrians crossing streets.  Drivers are encouraged to be on the lookout, but pedestrians are told to practice safety, as well. 

“Use the crosswalks, use the pedestrian crossing buttons, because now we have exclusive crosswalks. You push the button, and traffic stops in all directions, so that you can cross the street, so use those things for your safety,” said Preston. 

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