Morgantown residents react to snake on the loose

Monongalia and Preston

MORGANTOWN W.Va – Police officers in Morgantown are still searching for a python that escaped from a vehicle on Thursday night in Sabraton.

A python a little more than fifteen feet in length and four inches in diameter could be slithering through the woods in the area.  

Upon hearing the news, some Morgantown residents took to making a parody twitter account of the creature.

“I’ve got to admit though, this is kind of nice to have something that’s a little entertaining, but just because it’s entertaining, doesn’t necessarily mean that people should let their guard down. We don’t know what it’s capable of, and it’s quite large, so it could bite and cause injuries, even if it’s not venomous, it can still cause some injuries,” said Chief Ed Preston, of the Morgantown Police Department. 

It’s likely that the snake will come out of hiding when the weather warms up. 

“It’s highly probable that when we have cold spells, that the animal will become less active. When it warms up and becomes hungry, it will go looking for food,” said Preston. 

The police have enlisted the help of exotic animal stores including the Exotic Jungle on the Mileground. 

Preston says the owner kept it in a bedroom and fed it live chickens.

“Hopefully it’s just a fifteen foot, standard, five inches around. Yes, they can eat bunnies, and cats, and dogs, so they should, people should watch out in that sense. If it was as big as he was claiming, eating chickens, that’s a whole other ballpark, because those can get, and eat much bigger animals,” said Emily Sanders, owner of the Exotic Jungle in Morgantown. 

Some local bars are even holding drink specials in response to the reptile on the loose. 

“My GM has known of a shot called the snakebite. It’s Yukon Jack with lime juice chilled and strained, and then, I just kind of messed around with our little peeler over there and made a snake out of it, and we just figured it would be a cool little shot special to run on a Saturday night,” said Sean Maloney, Bar Manager of Mountain State Brewing Company.  

A Morgantown resident says she is pretty sure she came across the snake. 

“I’m almost positive it was. I was like going to my new house in South Park and I was like coming on Cobun Street, and I saw this thing in the road, and I was like, definitely a stick, and then I got closer to it, and it was this huge black snack, and so I was like, you know, I’m just going to call it in just to make sure, you never know,” said Brooklyn Moran. 

As of Monday, the snake has yet to be located. If you do come across the snake, police say to call 911, and try to keep it in sight, but don’t approach or handle it.

“Hopefully it’s not as big as we’re thinking it might be. But he’s scared, he’s probably cold and curled up somewhere and they’re going to be just as afraid of it as you are. So if you just call, then we should be able to easily get him,” said Emily Sanders, owner of the Exotic Jungle. 

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