MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – On Saturday, the Cacerus Club held its 3rd Annual Backpack Drive at Mountainview Elementary School in Morgantown.

The Cacerus Club is a group of mason men dedicated to improving the community through community service projects. For years, they have been helping families with the cost associated with going back-to-school with backpack drives.

Saturday’s backpack drive is a bit different then most with a festival celebration feel to it. Offering live music from a DJ, free food, ice cream, free haircuts and various school essentials.

“Cause it’s really a celebration about the kids you know, they are our future we realize that, they are going to be running this country and this world, so we wanna make sure that no child is left wanting in the classroom,” said Edward Green, president of the Cacerus Club. “Cause we want them to not just come and get what they need in terms of materials, but we also want them to feel appreciated.”

Green continued with how teachers sometimes have to cover expenses for students with school supplies.

Green said, “a lot of these teachers come out of their own pocket to make sure that kids have what they need, so we wanna bridge that gap and be as helpful as we can.”

The group started out as a group of masonic men, but Green said anyone is allowed to be in the club if you want to volunteer and help out your community.

On Sept. 14, the Cacerus club will be holding it’s Annual Fish Fry event in Osage during the Street Fair event.

To learn more information, volunteer or make a donation to the Cacerus club, click here.