MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Morgantown Resource Center (MRC) is in the works to renovate a building next to Hazel’s House of Hope.  

Monongalia County Commission and the Morgantown City Council have made a commitment of $250,000 towards the renovation of the space for a day center. Currently, the MRC is identifying a social service agency that will manage and run the day center.  

“But the problem comes is, where do people go, not just homeless but others need a place to go during the day. And a lot of that is, needed downtown by what is called the Friendship House, but it’s not big enough, we need to expand it. So, the facility right here, we are in the process of doing architectural designs and we are going to renovate it and it’s going to be a community day center,” said Lyn Dotson, member of the MRC Board. “So, people can spend the day here, they can come in and spend a few hours, you’ll have television, you’ll have a library, we’ll have art classes, we’ll have all types of activities for individuals.

Member’s of the MRC said the Bartlett House is located in the Hazel’s House of Hope, which provides housing. The Salvation Army is on-site to provide food services and Health Right will be moving out there soon. 

“In the winter months, at night we will turn it into a warming shelter where we have a need because of the temperatures. And surprisingly, we realize in the summer we may have to turn it into a cooling shelter because of these extreme heats,” Dotson said.  

They also discussed putting in outside benches, an outdoor shelter, picnic tables and possibly even outdoor gardens in the near future.