Mylan Park hosted a ‘Careers on Wheels Day’ on Friday as part of career exploration week for the students. 

Several careers were represented at the event including all maintenance vehicles from Monongalia County. 

A fire engine, police cruiser, and emergency response helicopter were also a part of the event.

The point of the event is to expose children to different careers and future options. 

“I just really appreciate that the community is so interested and invested in volunteering their time and their energy, and their resources to this event because first of all, it couldn’t happen without it and it’s really great for the kids to see these vehicles and talk to these people and I think it’s pretty fun for them, the employees, and the people of the vehicles as well,” said Kirsten Vaillancourt, School Counselor. 

Students were able to go inside of the vehicles and view different features including sirens and horns.