MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The weather at Camp Mountaineer on Saturday morning was fit for the Yukon, which was perfect for what the Scouts had in mind for the day. Troops from Monongalia, Preston, and Marion County came out for the Scouts’ annual Yukon race.

The race took all day Saturday and was comprised of a number of elements. Nine teams, ranging from four to 10 players, raced through the campground to eight different tasks they needed to complete in order to finish the race. The tasks came from a number of skills they learned along the way during their time with the Scouts.

In addition to finishing before the other teams, there was a score tally that went along with it, and things like sportsmanship and team cooperation were factored in. So, the team that finished the race in the quickest time was not necessarily the winner if they had a bad score. However, while everyone wanted to win the race, the true competition was amongst the different troops from the area, showing what they were capable of doing.

“We’ve had, in past years, some troops have come out and had two different sleds, which puts a little competition in the troop which is kind of fun. They take pride in that,” said Clay Zinn, who had organized the last six Yukon races.

During the winter, the Scouts do not have many events and the Yukon race was the most marquee of the slim selection. With the race in the past, troops will now wait for the seasons to turn before more events come along.