MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Firefighters responded to a call on the night of Dec. 17 at Nonno Carlo in Morgantown.

The compressor of a refrigerator in the restaurant’s prep area caught on fire, and it resulted in significant damage to the back of the restaurant, while the front sustained smoke and water damage from both the sprinkler system and fire department.

“The weekend going into Christmas, there’s a ton of things on your mind, the last thing you’re expecting is to get a phone call that your restaurant is on fire,” said Nonno Carlo Owner, Nick DeMedici.

No one was in the building when it caught fire, and there were no reported injuries.

DeMedici said his staff was going to be paid their scheduled hours no matter what.

“Our employees have been fantastic, the majority of them we’ve has since we opened in July, and they really come here every day and put their heart and soul into what they do, so they are the last people we want to leave hanging because without them there in no Nonno Carlo,” said DeMedici.

DeMedici found a way to help the community through his temporary loss. Bartlett Housing Solutions is a non-profit organization that fights homelessness.

Nonno Carlo staff have been working in their kitchen, cooking dinners for those who receive their services while also sharing culinary tips with Bartlett Housing’s cooking staff of three.

“To be able to still have them work together, and not only work together as a team but as a team for a purpose and giving back to those especially during Christmas time, it means a lot to be able to do that,” said DeMedici.

As of Dec. 26, the smoke and water damage restoration has been done, but construction work is needed for the ceiling in the prep area before Nonno Carlo can open its doors up to the public.

DeMedici said that day is not too far away, as he hopes to be back to serving Italian food by Jan. 1.