An organization in Morgantown provided 46 children with adaptive equipment on Monday. 

‘Variety the Children’s Charity’ presented kids with over $70,000 worth of equipment.

This included 26 adaptive bikes, 8 adaptive strollers, and 11 communication devices. 

“This gives them the opportunity to ride with their brothers and sisters, their moms and dads, and their friends. These bikes are just specially designed for them. There may be guide bars, and trunk support, but this enables really, kids, to be kids,” said Charles Lavallee, CEO of ‘Variety, the Children’s Charity.’

Ronna Righter says that this opportunity means the world to her family. Her daughter Emily will be able to ride a bike for the first time.

“She has watched her little brother out the window riding his bike, and you could tell the want to be able to ride. So when I found out that she was able to get a bike that she can ride, it was overwhelming,” said Righter. 

Emily is level one autistic and occasionally non-verbal. She will also be receiving a communication device. 

“So the IPad that they have constructed for her is going to give me and her that extra boost that we will be able to know, okay, I’m sick, and she can push that button and say I’m sick, I don’t feel good,” said Righter. 

The mission of variety is to provide life changing equipment to kids with disabilities to enable them to live life to the fullest.

“What I think that surprises most people is the joy of these kids when they’re riding their bike is transformative. I don’t know that any of us can resist the power of real joy, and I think if we took that in, we would be truly motivated to want to help find five, ten, twenty, or a hundred more kids. So I think that’s the key. If we’re all open, we’re going to find that the kids are going to change our lives,” said Lavallee. 

Find more information about the program here