KINGWOOD, W.Va. The Preston County Commission held a community meeting on June 10 to discuss allocations for the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding that the county received.

The commission hosted the meeting to allow Preston County residents the ability to speak out on what areas they believe the $6.48 million given to the county should go to. More than 13 groups requested money from the county to put towards their projects of choice.

People presented in front of the Preston County Commissioners for three minutes to let them know how important the cause not only is to them, but to the community.

“A lot of people are very passionate about what their particular project is and I understand that. All three of us understand that,” Preston County Commissioner Donald Smith said. “If there’s a certain project that’s going to help 90 people, it’s very important to those 90 people. But we also have to as commissioners look out for those overall value of the project so we can help the most people within the county.”

Presenter at the meeting (WBOY – Image)

Over the next few weeks, the Preston County Commissioners face a difficult decision ahead to find out who should be awarded money for their proposed projects.

“It’s always a tough decision,” Smith said.

The county already allocated roughly $1.7 million toward expanding internet access according to Smith.

One of the last presenters mentioned that the ARPA left “a great opportunity (for) Preston County.”