BRUCETON MILLS, W.Va. – Ragnar Trail Appalachians held its annual running relay on Friday at Big Bear Lake in Bruceton Mills.

Ragnar running is a running event built around a festival atmosphere, while also letting people enjoy the great outdoors with friends.

“You show up with your friends to have a good time, enjoy the outdoors and celebrate that together, to make new friends, to listen to music. Also, get the same feelings you would get out of a 5k, 10k, half marathon to really push yourself to your limits a little bit,” said Alex Docta, Ragnar Trail Appalachians’ race director.

The event is a two night overnight running relay for teams of eight, with each team member running three different single loops of trail.

Trail Map at Big Bear Lake for Ragnar Trail Appalachians. (WBOY Image)

Ragnar has both road races and trail races while the Ragnar Trail Appalachians had more then 2,000 runners participate, who were from all across the United States.

Docta said, “the ‘Ragnarians’ are the runners who travel around the country and participate in these events coming from Washington to Florida and everywhere in between.”

Alex talked about how if your a first time runner, you should come out and try to push yourself further than you have before.

“There is some wild trails out here like moving through cracks in boulders, and they are out running at night with a headlamp on for the first time, and it’s that expanding what they thought was possible for them, the people that come out and for the first time they push themselves further a little further then they have before,” said Docta.

The next running event will be held at Mt. Bachelor, Ore. from Aug. 19-20.

If you would like more information about Ragnar running, click here.