Reedsville restaurant to host ‘Haunted Park’ tours for Halloween

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REEDSVILLE, W.Va. – Old School Pizzeria, normally known for its delicious food, will be home to two “Haunted Park” Halloween tours this year and everyone is invited.

“Basically, we start at dusk and we’ll have it on the 23rd and the 30th,” Owner Rodney Wolfe said. “This month we’re going to do it two days in case of a rainout, or in case somebody can’t make just one night. And basically, we give out hot chocolate and coffee because it was cold last time and then we go through and about. We’d like to keep it in groups for about five or six, and then we’ll have a guide that walks through with them.”

The lower park, where the Haunted Park Tours will happen

How it will work, Wolfe said, will be simple.

People will meet at the restaurant whose parking lot extends into the upper part of a park.

The lower half of the park is owned by the city, but it will also be incorporated into the tour.

“We’ll go through the lower park, we’ll go through, come back through the upper park,” Wolfe said.  We’ll go into the basement of the building, back around, down the sidewalk and up into the backyard where I hope to have a maze put together in the backyard.”

Members of the community, Wolfe said, are helping him put the maze together right now.

This type of collaboration is what he likes to see and why he feels its important to host community events like the Haunted Park.

“I do a lot of events for the kids in the community,” he said. “All the events are always free, but the idea also is to build kind of a sense of community, you know? Back in the day, we knew everybody that lived in every house. I leave for 20 years, come back, it’s not like that at all. It’s a completely different atmosphere, so that was the initial thought of putting these events together.”

The first was held in 2019, the restaurant’s first year in business.  

Lower park, where the tours will go through

“When we had the first one the year before COVID, there were over 600 people here,” Wolfe said. “And, there were 53 people in the community that donated their time. So, a lot of people in the community, you know, that didn’t know each other did get to meet each other and has stayed in contact. And several of them contacted me last year through COVID to see if we want to have it.”

And again, the good news is the event is back after skipping 2020.

Wolfe said the hope is to have hundreds of kids again and if possible, even more than last time.

“We advertised on Facebook and they came from Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, I couldn’t believe how far folks come to the Haunted Park,” Wolfe said. “But again, that’s what we want, and it’s all free for the kids and families. We are trying to raise money to put a new gym floor in for a community center, so we do do donations if you want to. But if not, that’s perfectly fine as well.”

Whether you come on just one day or both, Wolfe said he guarantees everyone in the family will have a blast.

“Really just come to check it out, it’s just really different, you know,” Wolfe said. “I was a guide walking through, I knew what was coming — you know when I come up to the top of the steps, I knew what was there, but I can be honest in saying three or four times, I was almost scared at the top of the steps, so it is pretty interesting and the folks do a really good job.”

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