Space heaters are the leading cause of home fires during the months of December through February. 

Some safety tips will help you to avoid fires in the home. 

Many newer space heaters have safety features built in, but that doesn’t exclude them from being dangerous.

Look for space heater models with thermostatic controls and an “automatic shutoff” feature to ensure the safest possible operation when using a space heater. 

The most important rule to remember is keep all objects at least three feet away. 

Never go to sleep with a space heater on. 

It’s important to read the owner’s manual and be aware of all warnings during operation. 

“The biggest things would be just to keep them out of high traffic areas so they’re not a trip hazard and you don’t want them to tip over event though most do have a tip over safety function now adays. Besides that, just plug directly into a wall. You don’t want to use an electrical outlet strip or a power cord, or anything like that. Those can cause a fire hazard on their own,” said Spencer Cole, Assistant Manager of ACE Hardware in Morgantown. 

Also, it’s important to keep the space heaters away from pets and children. They reach extremely high temperatures and can cause severe burns.