Salvation Army donates fruit baskets to police departments in 3 counties

Monongalia and Preston

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Salvation Army of Marion, Monongalia and Preston Counties celebrated Day 2 of National Salvation Army Week by donating fruit baskets to several police departments.

The day, known as “Care Day”, saw the nonprofit donating nine baskets in total. Lt. Sheldon Greenland, who helps to run the organization, said three baskets were donated to police departments in Monongalia, three in Marion and three in Preston County as well. The motivation, Greenland said, was to let the police know they are valued and important to the work of the Salvation Army.

Lt. Sheldon Greenland

The police department is always on the call. They are a first responder group and then we believe that they’re always in constant need of support. And even though we have gone through a rough time, sometimes it’s the relationship with the police, their job is an essential part of keeping our community safe, so we want to honor them by those supporting them. And we found out today that it is Police Week as well, so it was perfect, us taking those gifts to them as well. 

Lt. Sheldon Greenland

Greenland said all police departments who received the baskets were appreciative and surprised by the donations. But he reiterated how important the donations were, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Message delivered with every basket

Throughout, he said, many police departments have never stopped working. It’s that type of dedication to service that the Salvation Army wanted to honor on Day 2.

“They’re an essential component to our community staying in  — a how should I put it staying whole — not being broken too much, not being too fractured, so we want to always honor and support those who are on the first responder teams in our community,” Greenland said.

Greenland said they will back to donating fruit baskets on Day 4, Thursday May 13. Those baskets will go to fire departments in all three counties.


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