SPARK Imagination and Science Center help kids think outside of the box

Monongalia and Preston

Children were challenged to think outside of the box, as SPARK Imagination and Science Center in Morgantown hosted an event Wednesday afternoon to challenge their minds by using cardboard in a creative manor. 

Employees said that Think Outside Of The Box Day is aimed at allowing participants to follow their imagination as it leads to a destination.

“It’s all about free play, and learning through play, and exploring your imagination and learning science by doing, so that’s another way ‘outside of the box’ fits in.  You are engineering something. You’re putting something together. It might not work, and you have to fix it. So you are practicing those critical thinking skills, as you are playing and having fun,” said Julie Bryan, executive director for SPARK.

SPARK will also provide a one-of-a-kind project on January 21 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day that is sponsored by the Morgantown Rotary Club.

For more information on other activities about SPARK you can visit SPARK Facebook.

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