MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Von Blaze Sandwiches in Morgantown held its grand opening Tuesday with a full menu of fresh foods made to order.

Some of the restaurants signature dishes, of which the owners described as ‘upscale casual’, included foods such as a lobster hotdog with fresh lobster and shrimp.

The owners said being able to open the restaurant has been an adventure, from being able to construct the space to opening the restaurant.

“I have been a chef in Morgantown for more than 20 years, recently worked for a very well-known restaurant over in Suncrest for 12 years and I just wanted to open up my own restaurant,” said Chris McDonald, Chef and Owner of Von Blaze Sandwiches.

McDonald also said they have a lot of well known sandwiches that he put his own spin on, making them unique. The restaurant is hopeful to soon be able to showcase local beers from breweries within the state to complement the sandwiches and foods they have to offer.

“We do have a wine cooler. You know, there is always someone that is going to come in, not everyone is a beer drinker. I like a mix of both. Our sandwiches are elevated enough that a nice pour of wine will go great with most of them,” said April Passaro, Co-owner of Von Blaze Sandwiches.

Von Blaze Sandwiches is located across the street from the Morgantown Parking Garage and is adjacent to Vice Versa nightclub on Wall Street.