MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The 2022 West Virginia Legislative Interims are taking place in Morgantown and kicked off with a pig roast reception at the Monongalia County Center at Mylan Park Monday.

The reception, hosted by the Monongalia County Commission consisted of various exhibits and opportunities for committee members to learn more about Monongalia County’s development, activities, opportunities and challenges.

While in town, the interims committee will tour the area and meet with local leaders from various industries and organizations to learn more about Greater Morgantown’s position in key topic areas such as economic development, workforce, higher education, healthcare, energy and infrastructure.

“Well what’s working in a great direction is Monongalia County, the citizens get together, there are so many good things going on by non-profits, by just your regular citizens pooling together and not saying, you know, we can’t do that, but then why not,” said Monongalia County Commissioner Sean Sikora. “

Commissioner Sikora said both the county and the state need to be more proactive instead of reactive to issues faced by the residents in the county.

“We need to work on the roads. I mean when they come up here they’re going to drive around and they’re going to see the roads are not optimal. We need to focus on the roads. And Monongalia County is unlike any other county in that we have so much going on here. We employ more people from outside the county than actually live in the county,” said Sikora. “Governor Justice just announced a couple of weeks ago that they are going to support our Harmony Grove interchange which is going to provide access to the Morgantown Industrial Park, its going to provide safe access to two schools s off of River Road, and its going to save the infrastructure of Westover. So that’s a big, the Harmony Grove interchange is a big thing. Even off this exit, Exit 155, that’s the main entrance to WVU, to Morgantown, to Monongalia County, We need to get that fixed too. And there are a lot of things that work, I mean, I am not throwing stones at the state, there are a lot of things that are in motion that just in the next couple of years that we hope to really explode.”

Commissioner Sikora said that the formula for all 55 counties in the state is not working and not the right fit for Monongalia County and the people who utilize those roads. He hopes that the legislative committee will be able to find a workable solution.