On Thursday, the first ever ‘Education Day’ was hosted at West Virginia University.

More than 35 schools from all across the state of West Virginia gathered in the Coliseum for a West Virginia University Women’s basketball game against Bryant. 

This was part of ‘Education Day’, where students are taught the importance of good nutrition and an active lifestyle. 

“During the game, we have the players talking about what they eat to be healthy and play better, and what kind of workouts they like to do to stay strong and active. And then we also have 21 booths across the concourse of different colleges and schools in West Virginia University. So the nutrition school, the College of Physical Activity and Sciences here doing activities with the kids, based on healthy lifestyles,” said Carly Slater, Assistant Director of Athletic Marketing. 

At halftime a special message was given by a well known super hero, Batman. This was the largest youth audience for the speaker to date. 

“So the Batman character, he goes around to schools all across the country. He’s from West Vrginia originally, so he was really excited for this day. His message is all about anti-bullying and just getting that message out to all of the kids. He talks about helping out anybody in need and respecting people, treating people how they would like to be treated,” said Slater. 

‘Education Day’ is a part of women’s basketball all across the country. Each school had its own seating section at the WVU Coliseum and were assigned a Mountaineer player. Students were able to meet the players following the game. 

“The kids have been really excited today. I know they’re having a really good time. A lot of them, this is their first time ever coming to West Virginia University, so I think it’s a great opportunity to get them on campus and start thinking about college at a young age, and hopefully they want to come to WVU because of the great experience they had here today,” said Slater.