WVU researcher studies pregnant women with eating disorders

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A WVU researcher is investigating a small studied patient population, which is pregnant women with eating disorders.

Elizabeth Claydon, an assistant professor in the WVU School of Public Health, is explaining how eating disorders may affect a woman’s experience and attitude toward pregnancy. 

She and her research team interviewed 15 women with either a current or previous eating disorder.

“A lot of the women I talked to put their eating disorders on hold during the pregnancy for the sake of the child. I think the important thing to remember too, is even after pregnancy, it’s still important for the child, for the women to continue the recovery and just stay in recovery, so that the child is seeing the mother eat well and they are going to be modeling their behaviors,” said Claydon. 

Her findings may help pregnant women with eating disorders overcome barriers to pre and postnatal care. 

“This is such a critical time period for women and child health that I think it just needs to be studied more. Women can be helped during pregnancy. If it’s identified, and they can be treated and get referrals, and then also, it can help their children during pregnancy by improving birth outcome,” said Claydon. 

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