MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Bourbon Prime is a restaurant located inside the Marriott at Waterfront Place in Morgantown. It was established in 2017 and has been called the ‘hidden gem’ of Morgantown.  

This restaurant is mainly known for their seasonal dishes and a place where their belief that ‘food and drink is to be celebrated’.

Executive Chef David Ryba said the menus change based on each season.

“We try to do a local self-driven menu we try to focus on creativity, seasonality, dishes that inspire our guest to return,” said Ryba.

For this year’s winter menu, employees said some patron’s favorites are their pepperoni rolls, the butternut squash dip, and the bourbon prime burger.

What makes Bourbon Prime different than a chain restaurant, is they locally source their products from local farmers.

“The food quality is excellent because it is very fresh,” said Ryba. We try to work with the local farmers as much as possible. Local means fresh. So, we aren’t having a product flown in 3,000 miles to get here. So, it’s more local products we can bring in the fresher it is for you.”

Some of the local farmers they use are Hawthorne Valley Farms, Micro genesis, Footprints Farms, and more.

Just like the name sake “Bourbon Prime” they also have their own blend of Bourbon distilled by Woodford Reserve called “Country Roads”, which can be purchased by the bottle at the restaurant.

With this bourbon, they have created a signature cocktail called “Almost Heaven” which is a smoke cocktail specially made.

Other popular cocktails include “a pear-ent dilemma” and “this lil figgy”.

“We want to be the local restaurant,” said Ryba.” We, also, want to be a place where someone just wants to come in for a burger or want to come out and celebrate with us, they can celebrate.”

The restaurant even has free valet parking. To check out more information on Bourbon Prime click here.