MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — Cheese is one of the most common things to add to a dish, but the Baker Cheese Company in Morgantown is showing off just how much you can do with it in this week’s Restaurant Road Trip.

Carly Baker, the owner of the Baker Cheese Company, told 12 News that while growing up, cheese boards were a big part of her family, which inspired her passion for making cheese boards professionally.

“I love bringing people together through food. So, I just kinda took that idea, and I would always make them for friends when they came over and family as well and was like this is fun to do. I enjoy doing this and there’s a lot of fun, creative things you can do with cheeseboards,” said Baker.

The company started as an operation out of Carly Baker’s home, and at the beginning of 2023, the company officially opened its storefront near the Suncrest area of Morgantown.

The Baker Cheese Company sells everything from different-sized cheese boxes to big charcuterie boards for any type of event needed.

“There are certain things that people love. So, they love Manchego cheese that’s a big hit. Bellavitano is another cheese that people love, people love brie. Different types of cheddars that we have as well,” Baker said.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic piece for a date night at home, or a conversation starter at a wedding cocktail hour, the Baker Cheese Company can cater for any event.

There is a hands-on classroom located in the store for virtual or in-person classes. Those interested can learn about cheeses, charcuterie, pairings and how to style and create your own cheeseboard.

“Available daily is that we have grab-n-go items,” said Baker. “So, there’s lunch items you have or if you’re going to a party and you want to pick up something fast, we do have small petite boxes that are also available.”

If interested in ordering a cheeseboard, or signing up for classes you can go onto the Baker Cheese Company website at Baker Cheese Company.