MANNINGTON, W.Va. (WBOY) – As the weather outside gets frightful, it’s a good time to sit by the fire with some tea.  

At BerTeas in Mannington, they have hundreds of different flavors of loose leaf teas. Owner Carol McGinty started selling teas online in 2019 then decided to open a shop in 2020. She sources the teas from all over the world then packages them and comes up with their unique names.  

“I taste them and if I like them, then I think ‘wow that probably something other people would like too,’ and I try to get a variety,” Mcginty said.  

Options of teas range from classic to caffeine free, herbal, black tea and iced tea. Drinking tea can have health benefits and be a better option than coffee. 

“All teas have different levels of antioxidants, which is really helpful… and black tea has caffeine in it but it’s a different type of caffeine, it doesn’t make you as jittery as coffee,” McGuinty said. “And, our teas are a higher quality so you can save your used tea for another cup and just use it again” 

The name BerTeas is in honor of her mother.  

“Her name was Alberta so I did a little play on her name the BerTeas,” McGuinty said. “Everybody would be like ‘well let’s stop at Bertie’s for a cup of coffee’ so then after she passed away, I just missed her, and nobody was stopping at Bertie’s for a cup of coffee anymore so I thought ‘we’ll maybe people would stop at BerTeas for a cup of tea.” 

Some of the most popular flavors are fireside hotty tody and salted caramel chocolate chip cookie tea. 

Berteas offers gift certificates in-store if you are looking for a holiday gift and has a website to order online. You can find BerTeas at 105 Clarksburg Street in Mannington and their business hours on their Facebook page.