Sweet and savory, hot and cold, coffee and ice cream, sometimes opposites attract and at Black and White you get the best of both worlds.

It’s an ice cream and coffee shop with a name inspired by its design.

“I want(ed) everything to be black and white with one splash of color. I was just more into the decorating side of it. My friend said, ‘why don’t we call it black and white.’ And we said, ‘hey, coffee is black, ice cream is white, why not,”‘ said Marci Henry, owner. 

And despite being open for only a few weeks, the restaurant is getting a warm response from customers.

“I also love coffee and ice cream so pretty amazing combination there,” said Josiah Pitts, customer. 

Black and White gets it’s variety of ice cream flavors from a small farm in Maryland and meticulously picked a local coffee provider as well. 

But for the owners it’s a little bigger than just coffee and ice cream. 

“The people are the most important thing,” said Maddie Mansell, owner. “The reason we started was the people; to love on this community and every person that walks in.”

Sharing more than just food.

“That is our heart to share the love of Christ with them and every person that walks in. Not just give them ice cream and coffee but to share the love that we have experienced from Christ and to pass that on,” Mansell said

And providing a comfortable area to do so. 

“Where people can just be comfortable and be a part and feel at home,” Henry said. 

And of course indulge in their favorite ice cream and or coffees.