ELLENBORO, W.Va. (WBOY) — Bourbon Hills BBQ & Outdoors, a family-owned business is taking Ritchie County by storm. What started as a hobby has quickly become a lifestyle for the Hall family.

Bourbon Hills started offering their BBQ for parties and events in June of 2021. However, when they realized people really seemed to enjoy their food, they decided a more permanent solution was the way to go and opened their food trailer.

Sammy Hall, Partial Owner of Bourbon Hills BBQ and Outdoors, said, “It was a hobby, and we’d do it for parties and stuff like that the people were just crazy about it, and we started doing private gigs here and there. I had just graduated college, so I needed something to do with my life, I was kind of bored with my nine-to-five job, and I got me a smoker and started dabbling with it myself, and, like I said, one thing led to another and here we are.”

Hall said that without his family, the food trailer would not be possible.

“It’s a team effort like my dad, he’s here a lot, Sam. He does a lot of the logistics and numbers, but it’s all cross-over work. My mom, she’s in there now, she helps serve and take money. Then Katlyn and Addie, two girls that help us out a lot, they do a great job as well. My brother, Freddy, when he’s not working his nine-to-five job he’s here as well,” said Hall.

Some items on the menu at Bourbon Hills Barbeque and Outdoors include a Brisket Sandwich, Loaded Nachos, Burnt Ends, and Mac and Cheese Bowls with your choice of Brisket or Pulled pork. Hall said that if you enjoy fatty meat the Burnt Ends are a must-try.

Bourbon Hills BBQ and Outdoors is located in the parking lot of the Ellenboro Sleep Inn and is open Thursdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to sell out. Even though they are only open two days a week, Hall said the preparation process starts before the trailer opens.

“This week, we’re open Thursday and Friday right? So I started cooking on the smoker yesterday around noon. The brisket, pulled pork those take the longest, so it gets done around midnight. Pull that off and we got warming boxes to keep it hot through the night and we wake up in the morning bright and early, and it’s ready to go pretty much. Warm it back up if it needs it, but it’s as simple as that,” said Hall.

Bourbon Hills BBQ and Outdoors hours vary, to make sure that they will be open you can visit their Facebook page at Bourbon Hills BBQ & Outdoors.