MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) – For this week’s Restaurant Road Trip, we’re taking you to the Brownie House in Morgantown for some hand-crafted gourmet brownies.  

Its location in the Seneca Center has only been open since May 2022, but co-owner Karen Higgins has been baking her family recipe for West Virginians much longer than that.  

Karen Higgins making brownies (WBOY Image)

“I actually had this shop about 15 years ago, downtown Morgantown … it just grew and grew, became too big. I had small kids at the time, and it was just too much for me,” Karen said.  

When those small kids grew older, her son Christian brought up the idea of bringing the Brownie House back. 

“It’s a unique experience for us to both, engaged in a career together and so it’s been really fun,” Christain said about working with his mom.  

The Brownie House offers nine different kinds of brownies including a new brownie each month and three gluten-free options. The chocolatey delights take much longer to make than your standard out-of-the-box brownies. 

The Brownie House Menu (WBOY Image)

“When you eat one of our brownies, I want you to know you’re not eating one from a box it needs to be a great experience and special,” Karen said.  

The Brownie house only wraps center cuts for individual sale.  

Karen said once you take them home, the brownies stay good on the counter for four to seven days; you can also refrigerate them to keep them good for seven to 10 days or freeze them for up to a couple of months.  

If you’re a corner piece lover, those are sold by the pound. Karen said some customers use the corners to put on ice cream or chop them up for pancakes or muffins.  

“Anything you can do with a chocolate chip you can do with a brownie edge,” Karen said.  

The Higgins and staff make almost 400 fresh brownies a day—always made with a lot of love, time and effort. 

The Brownie House Best Ever Original Brownie (WBOY Image)

“We use only fresh and wholesome ingredients. We use the best chocolate that we can buy, no preservatives or anything like that,” Karen explained. “We hand chop our nuts, we make our caramel from scratch, we make all of our ganache from scratch.” 

Being back after all this time, serving up the desserts again is like a dream come true, according to Karen. 

“Just interacting with people in a positive way, making them smile seeing them happy, seeing little kids come in and have chocolate all over their face is great,” she said.  

The Brownie House can be found at 709 Beechurst Ave in the lower level of the Seneca Center and is open Tuesday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday’s noon to 8 p.m. 

The Brownie House also ships nationwide through its website.