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MORGANTOWN W.Va –  “So, my name is Joe Cowan. C-O-W, so that’s the cow part, and the clementine is my wife. Her name is Emily Clements, so Cow and Clementine.” 

Joseph Cowan opened up his bakery, Cow and Clementine, on Pleasant Street after years of delving into the world of bread-making. 

“It really started out as a hobby. I love food, and I had trouble digesting gluten, and this was suggested to me by my dad in the form of a book,” said Cowan. 

Cowan makes many sourdough breads that use ancient grains. 

“Those are grains that were found and cultivated prior to written history, so like ten thousand years ago when the advent of agriculture kind of changed mankind and they were using those grains. Those were the same ones, the same very simple, really easily digested grains,” said Cowan. 

The grains are 100% organic and use a biodynamic practice.

“That means no pesticides, herbicides, or any other soil additives that you would find, so it’s completely unadulterated and essentially pure ingredients,” said Cowan. 

The bakery doesn’t just sell bread. Artwork is displayed and sold. A monthly reception is also held to highlight a local artist. 

“The public can meet the artist, and see the work as soon as we put it up. We’ve had three exhibits so far and we have plans for the whole year. There’s so much art in the area. The community is so receptive to it that so far it’s been wonderful and I expect it to keep going really well,” said Aldona Bird, Curator of the art gallery at Cow and Clementine. 

Cowan’s product can be ordered online a few days in advance. 

“It’s just something otherworldly about pulling out a fresh, hot loaf of bread that’s nice and crusty on the outside and still warm on the inside and melts the butter, it’s just amazing,” said Cowan. 

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