HUNDRED, W.Va. – On this week’s restaurant road trip, we visit a family-owned ice cream shop in Wetzel County.  

One of the many items being prepared at Dairy Dream (WBOY image)

Dairy Dream offers ice cream, burgers, wings, many other food items, and a homey, small-town feel to the town of Hundred.

“It’s local, it’s great. I love their ice cream. You get all kinds of. You get shrimp, you can get hamburgers. We love the hamburgers. Onion rings. It’s just awesome. We just love it,” said frequent customer, Christine Harper.

Their most popular sandwich is the “tomboy”, which consists of two burgers, lettuce, onions, and a secret sauce.

“It’s the original sandwich that was created when the restaurant was open back in the ’50s,” revealed Leanna Barnette, the owner of the Dairy Dream.

The family-owned restaurant was purchased by the Barnett’s in 2016 after being closed for a year.  

Dairy Dream burger (WBOY image)

“We always wanted a restaurant,” said Barnett. “And we were driving through in June of 2016, and there was a for sale sign.” 

Since re-opening the well-known location they have added new items to the menu like the “Hornet Revenge and the “steak, chicken, bacon, melt sandwich”. Barnett explained that the “Hornet Revenge” burger was named by her daughter because they wanted to incorporate something from the town into their restaurant.

Dairy Dream also boasts two nominations for the ‘best burger in Wetzel County’ in the past two years, and last year, it won the title of ‘best wings in Wetzel County.’

You can find Dairy Dream at 1005 Main Street in Hundred. They are open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.