For this week’s stop on our Restaurant Road Trip, we visited Dave’s Famous T&L Hot Dogs. The original owners have expanded from one location to five locations throughout Harrison County.

The third generation business still focuses on the same hot dogs, the original staple. Dave’s Famous T&L Hot Dogs is now in the hands of his sons and grandchildren. It’s humble beginnings were led by Dave willing to take a leap of faith.  

“We didn’t really have a game plan. It was the 80s and none of us had ever been in the restaurant business prior to that so it was kinda learn from the fly and it just caught on and customers loved the product and we just expanded our menu to what it is today,” said Mike Henderson, second generation owner and son of Dave. 

Returning customers are treated like family and that’s a principle that’s been passed down through three generations. 

“We are that family business in that we like to get to know our customers. A lot of our customers become like family to us so I think it’s a little bit different when we know people on a first name basis rather than just someone behind a counter serving them food,” said Corey Rutherford, third generation.

The menu started with the original two hot dog combo and now offers everything from loaded up hot dogs to chicken wraps and cheeseburgers. T&L’s menu is not just for the hot dog lover. 

The owners said you cannot go wrong with a classic hot dog or hamburger. The cheeseburger is loaded up with everything.