MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – North central West Virginians can now have breakfast all the time at Day & Night Exotic Cereal Bar.  

The newest addition to High Street gives you the option as soon as you walk in the door, bowl or shake. Both options mix together cereal and ice cream to bring you back to the good old days.  

Cereal mascot mural at Day & Night Cereal Bar. Painted by Lamont Morris (WBOY Image)

“We like to serve nostalgia. Being a kid back at home and you remember on Saturday morning having that bowl of cereal, watching cartoons and just feeling good about yourself. So, we bring out that inner child,” Ray Booker, Owner of Day & Night Exotic cereal bar said. 

The menu includes original combinations with unique names like the unicorn breath with fruity pebbles lucky charms and strawberry drizzle, a Mucha Lucha with cinnamon toast crunch and cinnamon churro cereal, and the Liquid Gold with peanut butter crunch and honey clover lucky charm cereals with cookie butter and banana.  

The Unicorn Breath shake (WBOY Image)

“Everything’s fun, everything whipped up and we like to get the sauce… we’ve got a bunch of crazy recipes for you guys to try,” Booker said.  

Day & Night Exotic Cereal started as a food truck in LA and grew from there. The Morgantown owners have ties to the community and said they wanted to bring something back here for the kids. But Booker said the store is for anyone, ages 8 to 88. They also found a way to include customers who are lactose intolerant by offering lactose-free shakes and bowls on the weekends. 

Even if you don’t want to mix things up, you can also go back to the basics and get a box. Booker is a cereal fanatic and gets a lot of the unique cereals from places like Spain, England or from cereal conventions.  

“It’s like being in a cereal museum. It’s almost like being a kid in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but we got cereal,” Booker said.  

Day & Night Cereal Exotic Bar can be found at 469 High Street in Morgantown. For more information, check out its Instagram and Facebook pages.