BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – Drifter Doughnuts started out less than 2 months ago selling their “mountain made minis”. In that time, they’ve accumulated just over 2,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 500 followers on Instagram.

Doughnuts sit in a warming tray, ready for toppings.

The idea of a mini donut truck has been something the Chalmers family has wanted to do for a while.

“We started out about mid-August, and we’ve been operating since,” said Rochelle Chalmers, co-owner of Drifter Doughnuts. “We’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now. Our kids were too young at the time when we came up with the idea for a donut truck, and we just wanted some really good quality donuts to be in the area. So, we decided to just start making them ourselves.

An assortment of doughnuts is ready to be served to the customer.

The doughnuts all start the same, but the toppings are what sets each order apart.

“I’d say one of the top favorites is definitely maple bacon and apple crisp. Those are our top two favorites. People really like the candy bar toppings as well. We just keep adding flavors like every week. So, I don’t know if we’ll ever stop,” said Chalmers.

A popular order from Drifter Doughnuts is Apple Crisp.

Since so many people like the doughnuts, Chalmers said she and her husband have talked about the idea of opening a storefront location.

“Eventually, we’ve talked about what it would be like if we had a brick-and-mortar store. Right now, we love the flexibility of being able to work on the weekends and see our kids a lot during the week. My husband still works full time, Cory. Right now, this is good for us, and we’ll see what the future holds,” said Chalmers.

Mini doughnuts run through the fryer, making the perfect “Mountain Made Mini”.

And of course, none of this would be possible for the Chalmers without community support.

“People have just been so responsive to it and so welcome to us, and we love to be able to do it here in our home county.”

Drifter Doughnuts works different hours at different locations every week, so check out their Facebook page to see where you can pick up some delicious doughnuts.