GLEN ELK, W.Va. (WBOY) – For this week’s Restaurant Road Trip, we headed just outside of Clarksburg to the neighborhood of Glen Elk, where a new pizzeria just opened, serving up some authentic Italian food. 

Pizza from Elwood’s (WBOY image)

Childhood friends, Aaron Gallo and Greg Harris said they have always had a love of pizza and dreamed of one day opening a restaurant together; as of January Elwood’s Pizzeria has been serving what some call the best pizza in the state.

“The first night, we had to close down, the response was overwhelming,” Gallo said. “People have been anticipating our opening for a long time, and I think when we finally did open, the floodgates opened, and people just came in in droves. We actually had to shut down until that following Wednesday because we ran out of stuff and so far, it’s been pretty amazing really. Way better than we expected, we never expected the response that we have got.” 

Ciambelli (WBOY image)

“I like to say our passion for pizza,” said Harris. “I mean we’ve—like I said, it’s been our dream since we were kids. A lot of people do it for the money, and of course we all like the income but, you know, we do it more just to let people taste our food.” 

They are especially proud of one menu item, saying that they have it as close to perfection as possible: the Giovanni.

“We went around Harrison County and Marion County and ate Giovannis everywhere, and knew what The Canteen had, so we built it around that, and that’s why I think we definitely have the top Giovanni. You’re more than welcome to compare it to others,” said Gallo.

Canteen Style Giovanni (WBOY image)

“I worked at The Canteen for many years,” said Harris, “so I’ve made a lot of Giovanni’s and knew a lot about it, and I think we’ve perfected the Giovanni in my opinion.” 

Elwood’s Pizzeria (WBOY image)

The restaurant, which is located at 410 N Fourth St. in Clarksburg, is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For more information on Elwood’s Pizzeria, you can contact them at (304)-969-0050, or on Facebook.