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PLEASANT VALLEY, W.Va. – Since 2017, Fat Boys BBQ has been satisfying barbecue cravings around the area out of a moving pop up food truck. On Friday, March 13, it will officially open the doors to a more permanent home in Pleasant Valley.

Greg Prodehl and Bill Parsons met when they were in the army while overseas in Korea. The idea of Fat Boys started back in 2016, when Parsons and Prodehl decided to smoke meat for their 2016 Super Bowl party. Guests told them ‘it was so good they should sell the stuff,’ and they ran with it.

Prodehl is from Chicago and Parsons is from West Virginia, so the combination of the big city and home grown country is what adds the unique, yet perfect, touch to every recipe they have come up with.

“Whenever he was going back and forth from Chicago, he would call me up and say ‘if you were gonna make this, how would you make it?’ And i would tell him this is how I would make it,” said Parsons. “I would do the same thing to him, and almost every time our ingredients would be one or two ingredients off.”

Parsons said starting off slow and building their way up has been a major key to their successes. He explained the countless hours have gone into experimenting with food recipes, and dipping sauces to make sure they nail everything on the head to enhance their earnings.

As a result, everything you eat at Fat Boys, is a Prodehl and Parsons creation, and takes up to 15 hours to cook.

“We do all the cooking here,” said Prodehl. “We do our own barbecue sauces, we make our own rubs, marinades. You know we get into it.”

From the dipping sauces to pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, pulled chicken and of course a good ole rack of ribs; everything is made with the special Fat Boys touch. They explained that sometimes people will come in based solely off of their side kick smoker, ‘Puff the Magic Wagon.’

“You get her fired up, and she fills this whole valley full of smoke,” said Prodehl. “People drive by all the time, ‘what are you cooking today’ ‘I smelled it as soon as I walked out the house.'”

Comes with the name of course, but Fat Boys BBQ is passionate about its food and keeping people fed. What their customers are eating is the most important aspect to them because they said the people they meet, are what makes the long hours spent preparing, waiting, and cooking their food, well worth it every day.

“Eating is something everybody has got to do, why not have food you enjoy? You know we have met so many neat people through this whole experience already, I just can’t wait to open those doors and see what the response is going to be,” said Prodehl.

“You meet different types of people all day long,” said Parsons. “And just to see someone smile and hear them say, I really love your food, it’s worth it to us.”

Both Prodehl and Parsons said they could never have done this or made it this far alone. Without each other, and the help of countless other individuals, they could have failed in year one. They both said, they are here now, and full of a ton of emotions taking on the next step in expanding their dream. They said they can be working 20 hour days, but if they are making people happy with food they make, they will never work a day in their lives.

“That’s my brother in there that I’m with,” said Prodehl. “Me and him had a connection from the first five minutes after we met each other and started talking, we knew, we were brothers. And, I wouldn’t be doing this without him.”

Fat Boys BBQ’s new home will be in the Pleasant Valley Fire Department, right off of Exit 135 and a right on Pleasant Valley Rd. They will officially open their doors on Friday at 10 a.m.

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