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FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Herbalife has been growing to be more popular as the new way to diet for those who can’t find time for the gym. So, if you just realized 2020 is more than half over, and you’re still behind on your fitness goals, Fitlife Nutrition has the solution.

The new herbal tea and health shakes spot in downtown Fairmont, opened on July 2, and has already made massive impacts on individuals in the area.

Cresta Stedman is the owner of the new health club, where the mission is to help improve nutritional habits all over the world. She started her journey in Herbalife, by accidentally walking into a club after she hit 167 lbs after the birth of her first child. She said, after that day she made it her mission to get healthy and stay healthy.

“I never looked back. My goal is make this a fitter and healthier planet,” said Stedman. “Since I’m from Fairmont, and Fairmont needs something like this. A healthy alternative that’s cheap, people can now afford to change their lifestyle. I just decided I’m going to do it.”

The Herbalife Health Club has locations in more than 90 different countries and are a part of about 70 Olympic athletes diets. The ingredients are all plant based so there are also lactose and vegan options.

The menu is seven pages long with flavor ranging from brownie batter to your favorite fruits.

“It has 21 vitamins and minerals, four grams of fiber, so your getting a full meal replacement, in a healthy shake, that you don’t event know is not a milkshake,” said Stedman. “I mean I have had people come in here very negative about it, and come back the next day twice. It’s just really awesome to see.”

Those who do enjoy working out every day, they have pre, during, and post options of powder to go in a shake that will help fuel you, and get all the nutrients you need for recovery. For those who have more trouble finding the gym, there is a flavor for every full-time worker.

“I mean I love the banana-berry, definitely good for a meal replacement, and it does fill you up,” said Tim Liebrecht Executive Director of Main Street Fairmont. “I would highly recommend going to get some of there awesome flavors and they have a ton of them, too. There is definitely something for everyone there, and its awesome having it right here in downtown.”

Making protein shakes and energy teas is one thing, but Cresta Stedman has already been able to help someone change their lifestyle, and she said that is exactly why she is doing this. She wants everyone to live long, and be happy with their body.

“I am so grateful, and blessed to be put in this position, to accomplish this, to help everybody,” said Stedman. “Seeing how excited people are when they feel comfortable in their own skin…it makes me emotional, and it just pleases me.”

Stedman said she is working on putting together a gym in the back of the health club that anyone involved can utilize. She is accepting health evaluations, so she can also help create work out and meal plans for each individual.

For more information on any of the products, or the Herbalife Health Club goals, you can visit Herbalife. Stedman also said she sell individual powders, and supplements in house.

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