CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) – If you try to look for “Front Porch Ice Cream” using maps on your phone, you probably won’t find it here in north central West Virginia.

However, you’ve probably heard of Dave’s Famous T&L Hotdogs, and that’s where you can find Front Porch Ice Cream.

“So, we had the extra space in the restaurant for years, and I’ve always wanted to do the ice cream because I think it fits our menu quite nicely, and we were trying to establish a new identity, a different identity, than Dave’s Famous T&L Hotdogs,” Mike Henderson, business owner of Front Porch Ice Cream, said. “We kind of coined the name ‘Front Porch Ice Cream’ because we added a new front porch last summer.”

A Front Porch Ice Cream worker combines two containers of ice cream. (WBOY Image)

The ice cream shop just passed being open for one year over the Labor Day weekend, and Henderson said people are starting to notice its presence.

“It’s taken about a year for the public to realize that there is an ice cream shop inside out Dave’s Famous T&L Hotdogs location, but again, it has its own separate identity different than the hot dog shop,” Henderson said.

The shop does have a few things that make it unique.

Ice cream selections at Front Porch Ice Cream (WBOY Image)

“There’s a lot of soft serve, but there’s not that many hand-scooped,” Henderson said. “And we use the really high-end butterfat ice cream; it’s 14% butterfat. That’s kind of the Ben and Jerry’s level of ice cream. The higher the butterfat, what I’ve been told and learned, the higher the butterfat, the better the taste. 14% is about top of the scale.”

The shop offers 17 flavors with some that rotate on a weekly basis, as well as 20 different milkshake combinations.

“Some of our big hits are sea salt caramel, and we have the old favorites like cherry nut, that’s hard to find. We have coffee ice cream, and then again, back to some of the more traditional, we have moose tracks, birthday cake, cookie dough,” Henderson said. “But we’re rotating new flavors in every week.”

Birthday cake ice cream (WBOY Image)

Despite many people not realizing the shop is there, Henderson says the business has been booming.

“This summer, the ice cream has really taken off,” Henderson said. “Every night of the week, we fill up the restaurant with folks, and the porch, with folks just coming in to get some premium, hand-scooped ice cream. We kind of coined the phrase ‘it’s Clarksburg’s favorite place for premium, hand-scooped ice cream.'”