A new joint has opened up in Morgantown that will keep us all on track for our health and wellness goals.

In this week’s Restaurant Road Trip, we head out to Get Fit Juices and Shakes.

Open for just under a month, Get Fit Juices and Shakes is a one-stop shop for all of your health and nutrition needs.

From supplements to power shots of freshly blended juices, this place has it all to help locals and WVU students alike lead a healthier lifestyle with all of your daily fruits and veggies.

“Get Fit is a wellness brand. It is here to not only encourage people not just to workout, but to show people that it’s more important to know what you put into your body before rather than just the workout part of it as well,” – says Ray Glymph, the Co-Owner of Get Fit Juices and Shakes.

The healthy atmosphere helps twins Morgan and Taylor Newman feel like they’re right in their kitchen.

From the power oatmeal and parfaits to the skinny dipper shakes, it helps Taylor; a sports exercise science student at WVU, keep focus on a nutritious lifestyle while eating good in her neighborhood.

“I’m very strict about what I eat and I have a minor in nutrition. This helps me promote health to other people and it is a very good atmosphere to come and get your protein and whatever you need,” says Taylor.

For more information on Get Fit Juices and Shakes, please visit their website.