BARRACKVILLE, W.Va. (WBOY) – Goodfellas Bistro & Catering is a small speakeasy-style restaurant located in Barrackville near Fairmont. This “bee’s knees” bistro is a hidden gem with a lot of tasty food to offer.

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Due to food shortages throughout the United States, the owner and chef, Michael Core works with different distributors, but mainly local markets.

“You know, you go by here, you wouldn’t expect this little business to be right here, you know?” Core said. “We kinda work together with, you know, ‘Goodfellas’ theme. We were trying to figure out a name, and the three of us we’re good fellas.”

Food from Goodfellas Bistro & Catering (WBOY image).

From bruschetta, pierogis and jambalaya, to steak sandwiches, antipasto salad, and Italian sausage, Core said Goodfellas strives for quality.

“Everything we do here is cooked fresh, daily, made daily,” Core said. “From soups, sauces, to the meat being cut fresh daily, to our hamburgers being pattied daily, our steaks being cut fresh, everything is quality here.”

While she was there, 12 News reporter Makayla Schindler got a look at the Korean sandwich, the Wednesday dinner special, the jambalaya, the antipasto salad and the steak sandwich.

Reporter Makayla Schindler at Goodfellas Bistro & Catering (WBOY image).

The restaurant is open on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is located at 711 Husky Highway.

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