FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — This week on Restaurant Road Trip, we’re headed out on the Husky Highway for a mashup of some local favorites.

“We serve the best hoagies in the area,” said Mike Thompson, the owner of Grill 250.

Thompson is a Clarksburg-native, who grew up eating and cooking different types of Italian food. He used this style of food that played a pivotal role in his upbringing for the concept of Grill 250, which combines Italian and American cuisine and brings it to the city of Fairmont.

One of the restaurant’s most popular items are its smash burgers. These made-to-order burgers are created using a weighed-out ball of meat, which is put on the grill and smashed into a patty. “It’s always fresh ground beef, never frozen, always fresh products,” Thompson added.

Grill 250 also serves hot dogs, mild and hot variations of homemade hot dog chili, different types of appetizers, wings, salads, and different types of hoagies (steak/Italian sausage/chicken/meatball) that are garnished with Hungarian wax peppers, which are cooked on-site using olive oil and garlic.

Thompson said that “everything is homemade and fresh; we use the best quality ingredients in everything for all our menu items.”

The restaurant’s specialty sandwich is called the Mike’s Delight, named after the owner. This sandwich contains grilled ribeye steak that is cut from whole ribeye muscle, grilled onions, peppers, provolone cheese over grilled Italian bread that’s topped with roasted tomatoes.

Grill 250 has been open for about three months now, and it is located at 711 Husky Highway in Fairmont. Thompson has been working in the restaurant business for about 38 years, and said that he’s “worked everything from dishwasher to director of operations.”

Before opening Grill 250, Thompson had restaurants in Myrtle Beach, Glenville, and even Clarksburg. He said that he was hoping to open a restaurant in the local area for about a year and scoped out locations from Clarksburg all the way out towards Morgantown before finding the spot that would become Grill 250.

“It had everything in it that I needed and wanted to do, and I thought this food would work good in this area,” Thompson said.

Grill 250 spared no expense when 12 News’ Jordan Massey came to visit. The restaurant provided 12 News with a steak hoagie covered in mixed peppers and cheese, as well as a ‘South in your Mouth’ double burger paired with onion rings.

Grill 250 also served a plate of pasta Pomodoro with garlic bread, spicy garlic parmesan chicken wings, and the ‘Mike’s Delight’ feature sandwich. In addition to that, the restaurant also offered up some hot dogs covered in different toppings along with a grilled chicken salad, which was fully loaded.

Massey decided to try the restaurant’s ‘Smoky Joe’ smash burger, which was fully loaded with bacon, onion rings, cheddar cheese and a little barbeque sauce as well.

“Just come in and try us,” Thompson said. “You won’t be disappointed and you won’t leave hungry.” Thompson also said that the restaurant plans to continually add new menu items over time.

Grill 250 is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and from noon to 6 p.m. on Sundays. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.