CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Jason Custer and Keith Newman own the Laundromat and apartment buildings on the corner of East Main Street and Broadway Avenue in Clarksburg. They bought the building next door for $10,000 to tear down, as it was dilapidated.

Then, ideas changed.

“About a year later, we kind of decided, ‘do we want to try the restaurant?,” said Custer.

Custer knew he would regret it if he didn’t at least try the idea out. So, the Grilled Club Cafe was born a year later after extensive remodeling.

One of the first things you’ll notice when walking into the restaurant is a uniquely-placed chess set…on the ceiling.

A chess set hangs upside-down inside of Grilled Club Cafe. (WBOY Image)

“I am obsessed with antiques,” said Custer. “Everything in here, decor-wise, came from my place.”

And while the decor is a nice touch, the food is the real glory of this restaurant.

A Beef Giovanni from Grilled Club Cafe. (WBOY Image)

“A lot of people asked me before we opened, ‘why did you call it the Grilled Club Café?’ Well, it’s because our signature sandwiches are the grilled club sandwiches,” said Custer. “Beef Giovanni and sausage Giovanni, that’s a grilled club sandwich.”

The establishment also sells fried sides, hamburgers and hoagies.

“I think we’re gonna give all the local places that have hoagies a run for their money in regarding to having the best hoagie in the area,” said Custer.

French fries from Grilled Club Cafe. (WBOY Image)

Grilled Club Café also started serving breakfast to customers on March 1, opening at 7 a.m. for classic breakfast items and some special ones, like a German pancake.

And, in the coming weeks, Custer also plans to start staying open until midnight and offer delivery.

“I’m tickled to death. I mean, it’s a lot of hours. A lot of work. But, that’s okay. I’m happy doing it. I really am,” said Custer.